Ultimate free tutorial for 360 real estate photography part 4

Ultimate free tutorial for 360 real estate photography part 4

This is the Ultimate guide on how to do 360 Real Estate photography using “One Click” cameras. NOT DSLR.

In these series of 4 videos I will give you the best advise and tricks on how to shoot and create Virtual Tours for Real Estate using Virtual Tours Creator. The series includes:

– tripod set up
– stitch line and camera positioning
– exposure settings
– lighting
– hallway photography
– kitchen, bedroom, living, outside house photography
– obstacle avoidance
– proper hot spots placement in virtual tours
– windows and mirrors in vr


Virtual Tours Creator is a one stop shop for all your needs.

We will supply you with the one click 360 camera, tripod and software to create your tours.

But most importantly we will give you up to 2 hours of training and all day phone support so that your tours are perfect.


If you would like to learn  more about how to create virtual tours yourself to improve engagement on your listings, schedule a 15 min information call below and we will call you exactly when you want to hear back from us.


Please remember the advice I provide is based on creating the tours in the free Virtual Tours Creator software, so some tips may not apply to other 360 providers.

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