Using 360 vr tours for Property Management

Using 360 vr tours for Property Management


Using 360 vr tours for Property Management with Adam Freitas, Raine & Horne Newtown.


Results driven and highly professional, experienced New Business Executive Adam Freitas has been helping investment property owners secure the best possible results for fifteen years. Learn from him how 360 tours benefit him in his work. Have fun watching and please, share, like and comment if you like it !

My name is Adam Freitas and I’m the BDM here at Raine & Horne in Newtown, and I wanted to share with you today really quickly just some of my experience to date with a wonderful piece of technology, virtual tours, and more importantly, my dealings with Tom and his product Virtual Tours Creator.

Now, I use virtual tours in property marketing, and I believe that gives me an amazing edge and advantage over my competitors.

For my clients it allows them to really, truly show their property and how it presents, and more importantly, it allows tenants to prioritize my listings over the next ones. So by saying that, and what I mean by saying that is, tenants can jump online, have a really good look through a property. We wanna make sure we’re connecting the right people to the right property, so if it doesn’t suit a tenant, they’re not gonna waste their time and come out to a property that’s not gonna suit them. But what it is gonna do, it’s gonna make it even more of a priority for a tenant that it does suit to cross off other properties off their list before they cross off mine. So they’ll be at mine, giving me an opportunity to really engage with the right type of tenant for that property.

Secondly, I think most importantly, it allows us to really give a tenant the second chance to have an inspection of a property, pre or post inspection. Now, if we talk about post inspection, the end of a Saturday, a tenant may have gone to five or six different open homes, maybe more, they’re not gonna remember every single property. They’re not gonna remember every room, every corner or every bathroom or kitchen. What we can do is give them that chance to jump online, go back when they’re in decision making mode and take another look through, refresh their minds.

What we’ve seen, we’ve seen days on market drop because of that, tenants’ feedback has been amazing.

They love that they have the opportunity that they can go and revisit a property online and see things maybe they may have forgotten or may have missed the first time around. So the benefit to our business has been amazing after just a short time of introduction.

I shoot my own. It takes me half an hour from when I shoot to when I have a listing up online. So for me that is an amazing time saving period. Now, it’s up to you how you shoot them, you can have people do ’em for you, but it’s so easy to use. If I can do it, anyone can.

Tom’s amazing. He’s always on the phone if you ever need him. His website has an amazing number of virtual assistants in terms of tutorials and videos up on YouTube that really run through the end to end, the A to Z of everything to do with virtual tours and how to shoot them with these products. So if you are considering it, I’d definitely give it a go. I think you won’t be disappointed. If anything, you could just see your business just improve that little bit more.