Why virtual tours for real estate ?

Why virtual tours for real estate?

The real estate market is changing, your potential customer persona is changing. Everyone is online, time poor and doesn’t really want to leave their house on the weekend to go hunting for open houses.

Did you hear the latest update from the Australian real estate market ?

–       90% of buyers is looking for properties online first. 

–       Buyers simply don’t have time to do the open houses every weekend.

–       There is a a lot of pressure from vendors on lowering the marketing cost especially in Property Management.  You can change the photography mix and deliver more engaging content for your vendors using virtual tours

–      All listings have photos, videos or even drone videos. But that’s not exactly what your customers want.

According to research:

–     More than 70% of buyers would love to see a virtual Tour of the house they found online before making a decision to go to the open house

–     Only 3% of listings in Australia provide Virtual Tours. Therefore there is a huge gap to fill in which is your chance to capitalize on.


You as success hungry agents or agents that want to find themselves amongst the ones that will survive on this competitive market have to adjust to the new reality.

You all heard about Virtual Tours for Real Estate, but did you know that they don’t have to be expensive or time consuming anymore ? You can now create them yourself in 15-20 min for the fracture of the previous cost.

What’s in it for you?

–      52% more time spent on your listing, where buyers create an emotional bond and when they come to the open house they are already qualified.

–      Create your own unique personal brand that stands out from the crowd and makes the vendors want you.

–      Never lose a listing again – win vendors by impressing them with your immersive technology and impressive marketing mix.

–      Attract more motivated, qualified buyers with a 24/7 open house

–      Boost your property listing performance with interactive virtual tour and interactive floor plan

–      Improve your social media content – 360 tours and videos on Facebook. You can create targeted add campaigns to reach far away buyers that can’t fly in to see the property but might do so after seeing it as a virtual tour.

All VTC tours are quarantined to be on the 2nd photo of  Realestate.com.au listing – getting maximum exposure, you don’t get that with non approved virtual tours providers. 

Our tours work on any device.


Watch this video to see how quickly and affordably you can achieve that with Virtual Tours Creator. If you need any more info just give us a call or request a callback.


We hope that now you understand why virtual tours for real estate.