2nd photo on realestate.com.au and REA Virtual Tour

Virtual tours are getting more and more popular among real estate agents and property managers.

It is so great to understand that agents listen to buyers needs and are willing to provide outstanding online content, that is fun and interactive.

We also wanted to be 100% confident that our tours are user friendly and provide a very comfortable and easy experience to users.

This is why together with realestate.com.au we decided to put our software to test in front of real users.

Through a period of 3 days we tested and listened to feedback very carefully to create the best possible experience for potential home buyers.

Our visit to REA HQ in April ended up with a great WIN for us and we are now supported by REA and listed on the  second photo of the listing carousel.

Thank you for a very warm welcome from all realestate.com.au staff and a great week in Melbourne.

Realestate.com.au Virtual Tour

Have a walk through REA head quarter in Melbourne below.