Inside of AREC 2018 – Virtual tour


AREC 2018 conference is the biggest and most inspiring real estate event in Australia.

If you never experienced it, then that’s a must on your real estate bucket list.

The best speakers and forward thinkers from around the world, more then 4000 most ambitious and knowledge hungry agents from Australia and New Zealand gathered in one place for 48 hours.

It is difficult to describe the energy that you feel when you walk into the arena.

Thousands of professionals gathered under one roof and all hungry for success !

You can see excitement on every face that walks past your stand. Everyone is looking for new solutions, ideas and products that will make their business stand out from the crowd.

If you want to immerse yourself in AREC simply open this tour on your mobile phone and pop it into your VR goggles.

AREC 2018 Virtual Tour


We couldn’t wish for a better crowd to present our Virtual Reality Tours for real estate.

It was really hard at times to even see the end of the line of real estate agents lining up to hear and see what Virtual Tours Creator is all about and how is it possible to make a virtual tour of a property for as little as $5.

The feedback we received from the agents that will from now on be using our software to create real estate virtual tours only assured us that the vision we have for the future of real estate industry is right.

No more expensive and time consuming virtual reality tours that will stretch your marketing budget to the max.

You can now create your own vr tours, all you need is a $500 360 camera and VTC online software to connect the photos into a perfect virtual tour in 15 minutes.

It will let you win vendors, get more qualified buyers and increase your listing performance. Especially that we are the only budget virtual tours provider connected to the second photo of the listing carousel.

If you wonder how it feels to stand in the middle of the stage looking at 4000 agents just take a tour below.

AREC stage Virtual Tour