Benefits of Virtual Tours for Property Management

Benefits of Virtual Tours for Property Management:

– Create incredibly engaging and interactive content for advertising the property on the market. It takes about 15 min to take 360 photos of a 3 bedroom house, and another 5 to create the tour online.

– increase the engagement more then 50% according to REA. Our tours are approved by REA and Domain each Virtual Tour comes up on the 2nd photo of the listing carousel . even pushed videos to the 3rd position behind the tours.

– create Entry/Exit reports, quarterly reports or just simple communication with Landlords or tenants in the form of a 360 virtual tour

– Add notes and descriptions direct inside of the tours to describe the general condition of the property. As shown on the video.

– Increase Social Media impact. Create Facebook advertising content that is much more interesting then normal photos or Videos. VTC tours can be simply shared on FB, via email or SMS.

– add Aerial 360 panoramas to the tours to emphasize the location of the property compared to nearby schools, shopping malls, parks, beaches or trendy coffee places worth showing to sell the lifestyle and not just the property

– present the perfectly staged property using iPad, desktop or VR cardboard goggles in the office to potential new renters when the current tenants are not willing to cooperate or the property is not looking the best to present it

– win listings by blowing the customers mind away 🙂

– build your brand, position on the market as innovative managers providing exceptional service and value for money to the hose owners.

– improve SEO results when including the tours on their website

– send a link to the 360 tour to landlords or tenants and let them walk around properties as if they were there.

– save time and offer PREMIUM service to your customers.

– create your own interactive tour in minutes and ADD YOUR INSPECTION NOTES to it.


How can you save money by using 360 tours in Property Manaqgement

– save time on taking 100-250 photos of the whole property on Entry/Exit report while taking just a few 360 photos that include everything that’s in the room in one photo. Each photo is in 7K quality delivering high quality images that can be used in court if needed

– save money on Marketing limiting the number of professional photos that need to be taken to 1 of the house from the outside or just 1-3 hero shots and replacing the rest with a Virtual Tour that managers can create themselves at a cost $2-$7 per property

All for as little as $2-$7 per property.


Virtual Tours Creator is a one stop shop for all your needs.

We will supply you with the one click 360 camera, tripod and software to create your tours.

But most importantly we will give you up to 2 hours of training and all day phone support so that your tours are perfect.