Bond University 360 Video Virtual Tour

Virtual reality is taking over so many different areas of our lives.

VR is in the early stages of making its way into the broader market.

It can be used in tourism organizations for management and marketing purposes, entertainment, accessibility, education or heritage preservation.

Furthermore, Virtual reality as a marketing tool is very powerful for promoting remote destinations, including universities targeting foreign students .

360 Video Virtual Tour

Together with our sister company Mood Studio we have created an immersive 360 video Virtual Tour for Bond University on the Gold Coast.

Bond wanted to show their facilities to all the local and international students that couldn’t come to their open day.

Traditional photography and video couldn’t  solve this issue but a VR app has done it.

360 VR video application allowed prospective students to immerse themselves in the daily live of Bond University students from day to day life in Library though Sport grounds and even student accommodation.

In addition, we also provided potential students with 360 videos of university faculties like Architecture, Law or Film and Television.

Check out a full 360 video showing all locations below!



Virtual tours wouldn’t be possible without the VR goggles. To allow anyone to use the app we also produced 4000 fully customized Virtual Reality Cardboard Goggles that work with any kind of phone.

Both the app and Goggles became an instant success at international trade fairs.

It is also the best sales tool for student scouts working for Bond University all around the world.

Click HERE  to access Bond Now 360 video VR desktop application.

You can also download the mobile app for Android or IPhone.

The app allows you to immerse yourself in Bond University campus and state-of-the-art facilities in a 360 degree video tour.

Watch as the bustling activity of university life unfolds around you and take in every aspect of our amazing learning spaces.


Please note: You will achieve the best result by accessing the mobile app  from Samsung Galaxy S6 or Iphone 6 and insert it into VR cardboard goggles.