Corona Virus update for Real Estate

Corona Virus update for Real Estate


Dear clients and visitors,

With the challenging situation of covert 19 we would like to inform you that we work now seven days per week to make sure all of your questions and enquiries are answered on the same day. We are very sorry if it takes longer than usual to reach our customer support. Please be sure that everyone that leaves a voicemail or a message on our contact form will be contacted back.

To make sure that in this turbulent time we offer value for money for our services we have introduced new packages. The packages offer significantly higher number of the virtual tours for a low monthly subscription. If you need further savings we also offer 20% of on yearly subscription.

If you are on a starter package and would like to increase the number of pictures to 8 or 10 please contact us and we will update this for you.

We have received very high number of calls and emails from agents showing how our tours are now used to ensure safety of real estate agents, property managers, their potential clients, tenants etc. Please consider if you would like to use the virtual tours for the following:

1. Inspections of vacant properties, excellent for property management,
2. Virtual open houses excellent for property sales

Camera deliveries
At the moment we are waiting for a delivery of 80 cameras from China. The estimated arrival time is Friday  3 of April. Please note that we can’t guarantee that the cameras will be delivered within the stated time due to unforeseen circumstances. Our system can be used with almost any 360 camera.

Just contact us if you would like to order a camera from any other place and we will advice on what models to buy.

Thank you very much , Stay safe

Team VTC