How to Add the 3D Tour to your Listing on

3D virtual tours

Adding a 3D tour to your listing is a great way to enhance the experience for property seekers who are finding the right place to buy or rent. Click here to view an example of a virtual tour.


If you load your properties using a third party listing uploader, please update the listing through this portal. If you only use Agent Admin to load your properties, you can add your virtual tour as follows:

  1. Sign in to Agent Admin
  2. Click Listings on the left to search for the listing
  3. Select the Images and Copy tab
  4. Scroll down to Links and enter the 3D tour URL to the Online Tour 1 field
  5. Press Save Changes at the bottom of the page

Note: 3D tours drop off Buy listings once their status changes to Sold.

See Virtual Tours in Action on

On portal we are listed on the second photo of carousel. See the video below for more details.

How unsupported virtual tours are shown

3D tours created with unsupported technology will display in the External link field on a listing, rather than embed in the image carousel. 3D tours created using unsupported technology do not appear in the app as either an External Link or within the images. So make sure you use VTC virtual tours to maximise your virtual tour exposure.