Top 4 features of Real Estate Listing


What are the top information potential buyers are looking for when going online and searching through hundreds of listings?

Top 3 are:

  1. Photographs
  2. Detailed information
  3. Floor plans

On the fourth position, definitely worth mentioning – are virtual tours.


Vast majority of all generations of home buyers start searching for a property online. This is the first step taken by more than 40% of home buyers.

Real estate agents still remain a vital part of the home search process, and are the second most frequently
used information source for home buyers.

Majority of buyers (95%) use websites, listing portals and other online sources to search for a new place.

Top features

When looking at property online buyers find some information more useful then others. Below are the top 12 of the website features.

Based on the Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report 2018 buyers ranked photos as the most important website feature. This feature was found very useful by 89% of respondents.

The second most important feature with slightly lower score at 84% was detailed property information.

Floor plan was very close to virtual tours however won its third place with 51% respondents voting for it.

Virtual tours ranked very well at the fourth place with almost half of the buyers finding it very useful.

Three out of the top 4 of website features are showing that visual matters a lot.

Surprisingly users didn’t find other information such as videos (27%), maps (38%) and neighborhood information (41%) as useful as floor plans or virtual tours.



A combination of virtual tour and interactive floor plan sounds like a great tool for home buyers.

Virtual tours give a great visual presentation of the house and a floor plan helps buyers understand their location and layout of the property.

Detailed information can be also added using InfoPoints.

To find out more about virtual tours, register to our VTC portal and create your first tour.