Virtual Tours for Property Management

Virtual Tour for Entry Condition report

Virtual Tours for property management in Sydney

Virtual Tour of a house on Sunshine Coast

Virtual Tour of a house for rent in Brisbane

Virtual Tours for Property Management

    1. Get great quality tenants
    2. Better pre-qualification of tenants
    3. Allow tenants to apply faster by using quick and engaging 360 inspections
    4. Create Entry/Exit reports, quarterly inspections or just simple communication with Landlords or tenants in the form of a 360 virtual tour
    5. Make extra income on VR tours
    6. Lease faster
    7. Build your brand and position on the market as innovative managers providing exceptional service and value for money to the house owners.
    8. Allow tenants to inspect properties online before applying for property
    9. Impress investors with your affordable marketing packages
    10. Have a 24/7 open house and a perfectly staged property
    11. Improve the leasing efficiency
    12. Weed out people that are not interested in renting the property in the first place
    13. Improve communication with Landlords that have never seen their property
    14. Point out concern areas to remote Landlords to make repairs
    15. Create VR routine inspections
    16. Cutting down time on market from 50/60 days to 1-2 weeks
    17. Capture tenants attention to get commitment for attending inspections
    18. Highlight (tag)  key features in a property to point out the value in the offering without having to answer endless phone calls from potential tenants. For example the fridge opening size or ducted air conditioning
    19. Great prospecting tool, it gives you a point of difference
    20. Improve communication with overseas Landlords
    21. Visualize a need for renovations by placing the damage in a 360 context of the whole house
    22. Make tenants prioritize your listings over the ones without Virtual Tours
    23. Give a tenant the second chance to have an inspection of a property, pre or post inspection
    24. Present all properties you can’t access to buyers in your office by using VR Goggles
    25. Add notes and descriptions directly inside of the tours to describe the general condition of the property. As shown on the video.
    26. Save time and offer PREMIUM service to your customers.