Virtual Tours for Real Estate sales

Virtual Tour for Townhouse sales

Virtual Tours for house sales on the Gold Coast

Virtual Tours for apartment sale in Melbourne

Virtual Tours for acrage sales

Virtual Tours for Real Estate sales:

  1. 90% of buyers is looking for properties online first and Virtual Tours definitely help you improve your visual appeal
  2. Buyers simply don’t have time to do the open houses every weekend so give them a chance to inspect the property in the comfort of their own house on any device
  3. All listings look the same, they have photos, videos or even drone videos. But that’s not exactly what your customers want. According to research:

–     More than 70% of buyers would love to see a virtual Tour of the house they found online before making a decision to go to the open house

–    Only 3% of listings in Australia provide Virtual Tours. Therefore there is a huge gap to fill in which is your chance to capitalize on.

  1. Cut down time of property on the market. In rural areas our customers managed to get it down from 160 days to 2-3 weeks.
  2. Win listings by blowing the customers mind away
  3. Create your own unique personal brand that stands out from the crowd and makes the vendors want you.
  4. Never lose a listing again – win vendors by impressing them with your immersive technology and impressive marketing mix.
  5. Attract more motivated, qualified buyers with a 24/7 open house
  6. Sell properties from anywhere and to anyone in the world. International or Interstate customers are buying properties in Cairns, Sydney or New York without even flying there
  7. More qualified buyers at the open homes (no tire kickers and next door neighbours ).
  8. Shorter times of opens as potential buyers have already seen the property and all of the features
  9. Save your time on driving to open homes that nobody comes to…
  10. Allow buyers to re-visit the property again and again without you having to go there before or after the open house
  11. Let buyers to ensure they making a good decision by allowing them to see a Virtual Tour with their family and friends
  12. Allow buyers to discuss potential changes (renovations) to the property by showing 360 tours to their builders
  13. Present all properties you can’t access to buyers in your office by using VR Goggles