What are the benefits of using best virtual tour software for real estate sales in Sydney ?

What are the benefits of using best virtual tour software for real estate sales?


Learn how Robert Paridis ( Laing+Simmons,Bondi Junction, Sydney, Australia ) is using vr tour software to support his Real Estate business and how he benefits from using 360 virtual tours.

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I’m Robert Paridis from Laing+Simmons Bondi Junction.

I’ve been using virtual tours now for  six months / nine months. And it’s been a great tool for my business,

I use the 360 panorama software for my sales listings and the property management listings. The benefits from the virtual tours creator is if people haven’t got time to go and see the property they can see it online with the virtual tour. If they like what they see then they give you a call and then make an inspection. So it’s a pretty valuable tool, it’s good.

Very affordable. it’s quick, it’s good but the only thing I can say is you got to do every room which sometimes takes a little depending on how big the house is. It could take a little bit longer than normal but other than that it’s an excellent tool for my marketing.

Quality of the images is second to none, it’s excellent.

I had a couple of interstate owners, couple of landlords and a vendor. I did the vr walktrough and  I sent them the virtual tour. They hadn’t seen the property for I think a good six or nine months and they saw it, liked what they saw and I put it on the net and clients love it because they can see what it’s like before they even get there.

I have picked up management business because I gave clients a virtual home tour. It’s something that in Sydney at the moment not many people are using and I use it as a tool that I can win business.

Yeah, I’m. happy for you to show it to Leanne and Jacks and then if they want to send it to anybody around the Laing and Simmons franchises I haven’t got an issue with that. They can call me as well if they like.