Goggle Cardboard Compatible

Our Virtual Tours are fully compatible with Virtual Reality cardboard goggles. This allows your customers to immerse themselves in the property and make emotional decisions. We can produce customized cardboard goggles for you.
Minimums are as low as 100 pcs.
Cardboard goggles allow you to enjoy Virtual Reality applications, videos, games and presentations on any smartphone.
·       One piece
·       Ready to send envelope packaging
·       Custom branded with full colour (CMYK) design
·       Your company logo
·       Instruction for use
Cardboard goggles are a brilliant marketing tool for any organization. Opposed to Google Cardboard our products are more refined, easy to assemble and fully customized with your company logo, colours or designs. They are neatly packed in a “ready to send” envelope with instructions for use.
Make your own designs or give us your ideas and we will design for you.


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